Hypertension and Hypotension – The Different Blood Pressure Levels

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The issue blood pressure should always be present for health-conscious persons. But many people consider problems with blood pressure a disease of the elderly generation and don’t feel affected. Unfortunately, that’s often a wrong assumption. We try to shed some light on the issue and clarify several questions.

When too high, when too low?

The exact value when a person’s blood pressure is too high or too low can differ individually, of course. But in general, blood pressure is considered too high at a measurement of 140/90 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) and too low at 105/60 mmHg.

High blood pressure (hypertension)


The fact that hypertensive people usually don’t experience

symptoms at first makes it particularly dangerous. Often, only general minor ailments occur, such as headaches, dizziness, palpitations, sleeping disorders and nervousness.


Even if you’re not in pain, hypertension entails major health risks. Due to the permanent pressure on the heart it is put under a massive strain. Thus, hypertension is one of the most common reasons for severe heart disorders. Moreover, circulation is disturbed, as blood vessels are contracted, which can cause a calcification of them. The risk of strokes also grows; suddenly occurring visual disorders can be an indicator for that.


Of course, you should consult a doctor if you think your blood pressure levels are too high. However, little habits integrated in daily routine can also help to prevent or treat high blood pressure. That includes regular monitoring of personal values, as well as a healthy, well-balanced diet, which should be low in salt. Furthermore, physical activity, especially endurance sport, helps to lower blood pressure. Overweight patients particularly benefit form healthy eating and sufficient exercise, as they can lose pounds steadily and better maintain a healthy weight. Support for that purpose is made by the devices from Omron Healthcare. With the practical wrist type blood pressure monitors you can regularly control your levels easily and discreetly. In addition, the CaloriScan provides a helpful overview of daily calorie consumption, buy 200mg according to the amount and intensity of physical exercise; thereby, facilitating a change in daily regimen to more activity and weight consciousness.

Low blood pressure (hypotension):


Possible indications for too low blood pressure levels can be frequent and prolonged fatigue, already shortly after sleeping. Other symptoms include listlessness, buzzing in the ears, dizziness and resulting fainting.


Hypotension is generally not considered a “real” disease, as it doesn’t harm body or organs. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be neglected that it can be a serious indicator for diseases, such as thyroid disorders and a weak heart muscle.


Be active! Exercise supports health, also in case of low blood pressure levels. Good “pick-me-ups” are coffee in the morning, as well as showering hot and cold alternately. But consult a doctor if you think you have hypotension.http://greatvines.com/cheap–discount