Coconut Chili Soup for a Stronger Immune System

Product Information

Find new energy and detoxify your body! Take a break and enjoy a healthy, warm and delicious coconut chili soup. The coconut milk not only supports our immune system; it also purifies the body and improves the body’s defense mechanisms. Hot and spicy, the tasty soup strengthens the body from the inside.


For 6 persons

21 oz. chicken breast fillet

11 oz. carrots

2.6 oz. celery

26.2 oz. vegetable stock

21 oz. unsweetened coconut milk

1 ½ mango (21 oz.)

1 ½ lemon (grated peel and juice)

1 ½ red chili pepper

1 ½ mint

1 ½ bunch of spring onions

3 table spoons oil

2-3 teaspoons curcuma




Peel carrots and mango and cut them into thin strips. Cut celery into fine slices. Cut chicken breast into cubes and fry them in hot oil. Add salt and pepper as you wish. Mix onions, carrots and curcuma in the frying pan with the chicken. Fry it shortly. Then add vegetable stock and cook it with for 6 to 8 minutes, with a lid on top.

Cut the chili in half lengthwise, core it and finely chop it. Add chili, finely-chopped mint leaves, mango and coconut milk to the soup. Let it boil briefly and season it with salt, pepper, grated lemon peel and lemon juice.

Tip: The coconut-chili-soup tastes great with shrimps. Just fry the shrimps from both sides and dip it in the soup.

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