Walk Away from Back Pain

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How’s your back feeling? Does it hurt more and more frequently? Especially people with office-jobs, who sit at the desk in front of a laptop day in day out, often struggle with lower back pain. But you don’t necessarily need to complete a long physiotherapy to effectively treat back pain. Walking regularly also helps, according to a new study conducted by the Tel Aviv University.

Physiotherapy vs. walking program
The study compared the effect of two different, six-week therapy approaches against back pain:
1. a traditional physiotherapy
2. a walking program.
One half of the 52 test persons completed a clinic-based physiotherapy for strengthening muscles, with two to three sessions a week. The other half participated in a walking program, also two to three sessions a week. The “walking-group” started with units of 20 minutes and progressed to 40 minutes as their fitness and endurance improved. During the physical activity, the subjects intensively trained abdominal and back muscles.
The result: Both groups reported significant improvements of their back musculature, as well as a considerable relief of their back pain. The researchers concluded that the walking training was “as effective as treatment that could have been received in the clinic”.

Motivation for a more active lifestyle
The researchers underlined an additional advantage of the walking program: Besides the back pain relief, the training also motivated the participants to aim at a healthier and more active lifestyle. When physical fitness improves, the risk of suffering from typical aches and pains is reduced in general. Moreover, the training positively influences people’s blood pressure, immune system, ability to concentrate and stress level.


(Image: © Val Thoermer – Fotolia.com)