Troublemaker February – Worst Sleep of the Year

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The glance at the clock again and again, rolling around from one side to the other and the certainty that the next day will be spent tired and without energy – bad sleep at night not only affects our mood, but also our capacity to concentrate. Especially in February, many people suffer from insomnia. That’s the result of a British study, after analyzing more than 21,000 online questionnaires.

Study proves: February is the worst “sleeping-month”

After collecting and analyzing questionnaires for three years (from 2010 to 2013), the Great British Sleep Survey found out that of all months, we sleep the worst in February. Many people questioned had problems falling asleep and felt more tired than during any other time of the year. According to the study, it takes eight minutes longer to fall asleep, in comparison to March. Moreover, we lay awake ten extra minutes at night. The reasons for that phenomenon are diverse. The cold month prevents many of us from going outside and breathing some fresh air. Instead we tend to stay at home. Also, the short, gray days make us feel lazier and even depressed at times. All of this can lead to bad sleeping quality.

How can I sleep better?

Everybody who doesn’t want to wait until spring drives away bad sleeping habits can find peaceful sleep by changing little things in daily life. Besides the obvious things, such as not to drink coffee or coke in the evening, it’s also helpful to make sure that there’s always enough fresh air and humidity in the bed room. Furthermore, you should spend as much time as possible in light surrounding during the day. And the best well-sleeping support remains sufficient exercise, preferably outdoors. That is healthy for the body and makes us not only becoming tired at night, but also falling asleep more quickly.

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