Steam Inhalation – Home Remedy for Colds

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When you catch a cold, it normally doesn’t take long for the virus to reach the respiratory tract. A congested nose, obstinate coughing or sinus infections are often the results. Steam inhalation is considered a proven home remedy for treating and alleviating respiratory diseases. But how does that work and what’s important to consider?

Steam inhalation – Proven remedy

Inhaling herbs, essential oils or pharmaceutical products can relieve ailments already at noticing the first signs of colds. The water steam in combination with the effect of the substances clears nose, sinuses and bronchi. By inhaling, the respiratory tracts are relaxed and freed of congestions. In comparison to a treatment with pills, the inhalation method has the following advantages: less active substances are needed, considerably fewer side effects occur and the positive effect on the upper and lower respiratory tract unfolds more quickly. Inhalation not only helps against colds, but also against chronic respiratory diseases. In regard to the latter, it’s particularly important that the used substances reach the bronchi and their tubes. Therefore, the substances have to be nebulized as finely as possible, as a too rough nebulization only ensures reaching the upper respiratory tract.

Inhalation the right way

With the “classical” inhalation method, you bend over a pot with hot water, which contains some dried herbs or a few drops of essential oils, and you alternately breathe in through mouth and nose. The effect is intensified when you put a towel over head and pot. However, this method has some disadvantages: even during the smallest moment of inattention, the pot can tip over and might cause scalds. Moreover, water steam with essential oils can cause irritations of the eyes, particularly while using eucalyptus or peppermint oil. Because of these factors, this method isn’t suited for children.

A safer and more effective inhalation method is guaranteed by stable nebulizers. Especially the modern, electric devices are of great help for treating respiratory diseases. They finely nebulize the substances, which can optimally reach the respiratory tract and unfold their healing effect right in the centre of the disease. The mouth-nose-mask ensures that the user can breathe in without complications. Thus, you can achieve an effective treatment of colds and respiratory diseases with modern nebulizers.