Running Calendar First Half of the Season 2013

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The last winter running events of the new year will be over soon. All passionate runners know what that means: The start of the marathon season 2013 is close! The training phase reaches its climax and the excited anticipation becomes bigger and bigger day by day. Starting at April, the running calendar includes many national and international top running events. We show you what the season’s first half has to offer.

Date 2013 Event City, Country Starters
24.02. Tokyo Marathon Tokyo, JAP 35,000
03.03. Paris Half marathon Paris, FRAN 25,000
17.03. New York Half marathon New York, USA 15,000
17.03. Rome Marathon Rome, ITA 12,700
17.03. Barcelona Marathon Barcelona, ESP 20,000
30.03. Two Oceans Ultra Marathon Cape Town, ZA 8,000
07.04. Berlin Halbmarathon Berlin, GER 23,000
07.04. Freiburg Marathon Freiburg, GER 9,600
07.04. Zurich Marathon Zurich, CH 7,800
07.04. Paris Marathon Paris, FRA 40,000
14.04. Vienna Marathon Vienna, AT 32,000
15.04. Boston Marathon Boston, USA 27,000
21.04. Haspa Marathon Hamburg Hamburg, GER 17,000
21.04. London Marathon London, GB 37,000
28.04. Madrid Marathon Madrid, ESP 10,000
18.05. Great Wall Marathon Peking, CN 4,000
19.05. Copenhagen Marathon Copenhagen, DK 5,000
01.06. Stockholm Marathon Stockholm, SE 21,500
24.08. Reykjavik Marathon Reykjavik, IS 11,000

(Image: Rene Rosin – Freiburg Marathon)