Hiking in Winter – Active and Healthy

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Whether winter greets you with grey clouds, rain and wind, or with beautiful winter scenery covered in white glittering snow – being active outdoors is always a good idea! Those who rather postpone running to spring can enjoy winter hiking. Warmly-dressed and well-equipped with the right tool, walking in winter also proves to be an effective and healthy work out.

Hiking with benefits for fitness and health

The physical activity while hiking soothes body and soul. Whether as a relaxing exercise, stabilisation of the cardiovascular system or support for metabolism – there are plenty positive effects on health and fitness. Furthermore, leg musculature is strengthened, which relieves the knees and the hips. The stabilized stomach and back musculature prevents damage to body posture. Last but not least, the positive effect on weight management has to be mentioned. Depending on walking intensity, one hour of hiking burns up to 550 kcal – an additional advantage for maintaining a slimmer figure even during the mostly cosy winter time.

Clothing and equipment

Whether taking a relaxing walk in the park and woods, or an ambitious hike at a higher pace – the clothing for winter hiking needs to provide sufficient warmth and protection. The best advice in this respect is the practical onion principle, where walkers put on several thin layers of clothes, preferably made of functional material, instead of wearing just two or three thick layers on top of each other. That keeps winter hikers warm and prevents heavy sweating during higher intensity of exercise. Of course, hat and gloves should not be left at home either. In regard to shoes, it is best to rely on waterproof, sturdy walking shoes. During longer tours, it is also advisable to carry a backpack with the most important things, such as cell phone, food and beverages. The body’s fluid balance is an especially important aspect to look after. Warm tea from the vacuum flask tastes even better in the beautiful scenery of a winter wonderland.


(Image: © blas – Fotolia.com)