Goodbye Winter Blues – Run Away from the Gloomy Mood

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When the days become shorter, temperatures become colder and streets become greyer and muddier, many people’s mood goes down. The yearly winter blues has arrived: We feel tired, easily exhausted, and aren’t really motivated to go outside. But you don’t need to put up with that condition until spring. If you actively fight winter depressions with sports, you not only do something good for your body, you can also literally run away from the gloomy mood.

Less sun light

One of the main reasons for the yearly winter blues is missing day and particularly sun light. That messes with our body clock and hormone balance. If sun light stays away for a longer period of time, the body produces less of the so-called “happy hormones”, such as serotonin.

Conversely, the “sleep hormone” melatonin is removed more slowly, resulting in a surplus. Thus, we struggle during the day with fatigue, lack of energy, irritability and a bad mood in general.

Running to fight depressions – Clinically approved

Bad weather shouldn’t hinder you from exercising your outdoor activities. Running in winter keeps you in good shape and puts you in good mood. Besides the positive effects on fitness and health, physical activity supports the production of endorphins and serotonins. Consequently, your mood becomes better and better.

Exercising outside even proved to be effective for the treatment of light to moderate depressions, as a study conducted by the American Duke University showed. The researchers compared the effectiveness of antidepressants with an exercise program in the treatment of moderate depressions. Both methods had similar cure rates. But the patients from the sport group had less relapses than the ones taking medication.

Active against the winter blues with a small gadget

Since physical activity has such a positive impact on our wellbeing, you should take advantage of that! A relaxing run or longer walk through the white winter countryside helps us get over our bad mood. Support in the battle against the winter blues is provided by small gadgets, such as step counters or activity monitors, which record our healthy exercises. Thereby, small running computers provides the necessary motivation to get out of the warm house and start a refreshing winter run.

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