Healthy Present for Christmas – Nebuliser for Children

Product Information

Wintertime is

also the time of colds. Especially children are easy subjects to cold viruses. Inhalation therapy has been successfully used to treat different forms of respiratory diseases for centuries.

In order

to ensure that children are not scared by nebulizers, Omron has developed colourful models with two puppet accessories that can be attached to the nebkit. Thereby, the inhalation therapy can be shared with little teddy bears and rabbits made of plastic.

During the cold season, this nebulizer from Omron is a perfect present for parents with little children – to support a fearless inhalation therapy for kids.

Product name: CompAir C801KD

Funktionsname: Compressor nebuliser

Effects: Healing of respiratory tract during colds; alleviation with severe, chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma

When to use: colds, flu, respiratory diseases

Weight: 270 g

Special features: Infant mask, pink and yellow puppet accessories “bunny” and “teddy bear”

We wish without prescription you a healthy and relaxing pre-Christmas period!

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