Present Idea CaloriScan

Product Information

Especially during Christmas, calories are a big topic. This period of year offers various canda delicacies, which smell and taste irresistibly. But if you stay active and keep track of your e

nergy balance, you don’t have to miss out on everything to keep your weight. With the CaloriScan you can measure your daily calorie consumption 24/7 – a clever investment in a healthy and active


Name: CaloriScan

Nick name: Calorie-coach

Colours: pink, white, champagner

For: Calorie-conscious eaters, active people

When to use: Sitting at the desk, doing housework,

Nordic Walking → during physical exercise as well as daily activities

Provided data: Differentiates every kind of movement; measures amount of calories burnt and steps

Special features: Metabolic rate factored in, 24h activity mode, 1-day-memory

Price: £49.95 / 59,95€

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