Low-Calorie Cinnamon Stars

Product Information

The special scent of cinnamon stars around the house provides a special Christmas feeling. The small biscuits not only smell great, they also taste delicious. Those who want to eat calorie-consciously even during Christmas can try the low-calorie recipe alternative.

For about 70 cinnamon stars, you need:

- 8.8 oz. powder

- 6 oz. butter

- 6 oz. ground almonds

- 6 oz. powdered sugar

- 100 whole almonds to decorate

- 30 g grated chocolate

- 2 egg yolks

- 1 tea spoon cinnamon

- a pinch of clove powder

- 2 egg whites

- juice of half a lemon

- star template as biscuit cutter


Mix butter, powder, chocolate, lemon juice, sugar, cinnamon and clove powder and knead until the dough is smooth. Try not to knead to hard, as the dough should not become fatty and loose its good consistency. Let the dough rest for 2 hours at room temperature. Roll out the dough (about 3 millimetre thick). Use the star template to cut out the stars. Put the little forms on a tray covered with baking parchment. For the icing, mix up the egg white with a hand mixer and put the solid mass on the stars. Decorate them by pressing one almond in the middle of each biscuit. Bake the biscuits for about 10 to 15 minutes in the preheated oven at 180°C until their colour is golden-brown.

Time of preparation: 2 hours

Time of baking: 10 to 15 minutes

Per piece: 35 kcal

Enjoy baking your Christmas biscuits!

(Image: © SG- design – Fotolia.com)

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