Muscles Relaxation with ENS Devices

Product Information

Relaxing, loosening buy generic no online prescription up tight muscles and activating muscles with mild current?! A study, conducted by the German Sport University Cologne, found that ENS devices not only calm tense muscles, but have also a positive effect on performance efficiency in training.

What are ENS devices?

ENS stands for Electronic Nerve Stimulation – a highly-advanced and clinically validated method for relieving pain by using electric current of low frequency. During the treatment, electronic pads are applied to the body; they send electrical pulses to stimulate the nerves, as well as revitalize and refresh the areas where the pads are applied to. With this method, you cannot only mildly loosen up tight muscles, but also efficiently treat stress, tiredness and migraine. Modern ENS devices are small, easy to handle and give the feeling of being in a pleasant massage.

Study proves: ENS devices can improve performance

In a study by the Center for Health at the German Sport University Cologne, in cooperation with Omron Healthcare, the ENS method has been examined in regard to muscle activation and contraction. In the tests, the positive effects on different body processes have been scientifically proved: musculature was loosened, the cardiovascular system was strengthened (frequency of 1-10 Hz), muscle tone was improved (30-150 Hz) and the skeletal muscles were relaxed. Muscle strength of test persons who used Omron’s ENS devices was twice as high in comparison to those who didn’t use them. The usage of the devices is particularly effective in purposes of muscle relaxation and regeneration after running competitions or hard training units.

ENS devices from Omron

While watching TV, sitting in the armchair or just relaxing in between appointments: Omron’s ENS devices are easy to operate and don’t require too much time to be effective. Intervals of 15 minutes are often enough in order to efficiently treat tense legs, necks or tired feet. Thanks to their handy format and easy handling, the devices can be used at home. With the E4, E2 Elite and Soft Touch, Omron’s product portfolio offers three different devices in the low-frequency-segment which support quick regeneration.