Calorie Trap Christmas Market

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The time of shining lights, Christmas songs and alluring scents from the Christmas markets starts buy generic cialis soon again. For many people, drinking a hot chocolate and eating a sweet snack while strolling through the Christmas market has already become a tradition. But especially the delicacies there are real enemies for the dream weight. Nevertheless, you can avoid the calorie trap Christmas market with a higher awareness for calories.

The top temptations at Christmas markets

What is your weakness at the Christmas market? Pancakes, Roasted almonds or rather fish and chips? Sounds delicious, right! Enough to forget all about calories. But a closer look reveals that these foods are true calorie bombs.


A pancake includes at least 175 kcal, a generous portion of syrup adds up to 200 kcal onto that number. Also, the popular crêpe variation with chocolate cream puts about 400 kcal on the calorie account. Roasted almonds are even higher in the line: 3.5 oz. contain 500 kcal.


Hearty foods are not better. The classic fish and chips, even in a small portion, contain up to 570 kcal.


A nice, warm beverage along with the food is also alarming for the calorie antennas: With 400 kcal, a hot chocolate carries as much calories as most foods at a typical Christmas market. Just a little bit less calories, but still in same area, is eggnog, which includes about 350 kcal per cup.

Low-calorie alternatives

Of course, Christmas does not need to be a time of renunciation, even for calorie-conscious eaters. Those who like to combine strolling through the Christmas market with eating some snacks choose the low-calorie alternatives. Fans of a sweet-nutty taste should opt to eat hot chestnuts, which contain only half the calories of roasted almonds. Delicious crêpes can also be enjoyed, only with a little bit of powdered sugar instead of with chocolate cream or a sweet jelly. And when it comes to drinking at the Christmas market: A nice hot cup of tea accompanies the visit just as good as a hot chocolate or eggnog.


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