What metabolic type are you?

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Whether diets or sport – you have tried everything to get rid of the extra pounds. But either you don’t lose weight considerably or you gain it back as fast as you lost it before. We know why! Before you can lose weight in a healthy and lasting manner, you have to find out which metabolic type you are. Thereby, you discover which food you should avoid and which even supports you while dieting. Then, you can adjust your diet effectively and create your own menu.

The basic nutrients carbohydrates, fats, and proteins can have remarkably different effects on the metabolism of different people. One person may process them well, another one doesn’t. Basically, there are three metabolic types that differ:

• Carbohydrate-type
• Protein-type
• Mixed type

We explain how you find out which type you are and how exactly you can adjust your diet accordingly.

If you can eat plenty of noodles, rice, potatoes, or other carbohydrate-rich food without gaining weight fast, and if you are still not hungry even a few hours later, you are probably a carbohydrate-type. This type is characterised by a rapid metabolism and a relatively small appetite. Many people of this group are busy at work and therefore often skip meals. However, because of the quick metabolism, regular meals are particularly important.

If you find yourself in this group, you should focus on a carbohydrate-rich diet, which means a lot of bread, noodles, or rice. But you also need proteins, more precisely light and low-fat ones. These are in lean chicken meat and white fish, for example. Such a regulated diet will stimulate the fat burning in your body and support you in achieving weight loss.

The exact opposite of the carbohydrate-type is the protein-type. This type gains weight really fast after eating carbohydrate-rich meals and is shortly afterwards hungry again, mostly for food that is rich in fat. Moreover, the desire for sugar rises after many carbohydrates. And once you start with candy, it is almost impossible to stop.

If this description fits to you, you need a diet that is rich in proteins and fats, but low in carbohydrate. Rich proteins, such as eggs, dark chicken meat, and milk products should update your menu. Also, you need healthy fats as in olive oil. Protein-types who don’t eat rich proteins are hungry all day long and have problems with their weight in most cases.

Mixed type
The least complicated of the three types is the mixed type. This one can chose from the largest selection of food and should generate a balance between proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Mixed types can tend either towards carbohydrate-types or protein-types. Creating the personal menu, they have to listen to their body really carefully to decide individually which food is better or worse.

So if you want to lose weight, you have to consider your metabolic type to know the appropriate diet. You should neither eat to less nor the wrong things. Comparing your calorie in- and outtake, you can monitor your progress easily.

Good luck!

(Image: © tan4ikk – Fotolia.com)