Calorie management anytime and anywhere

Product Information

CaloriScan is the world’s most compact, easy to use and reliable calorie counter. With the help of CaloriScan you can easily manage your weight depending on whether you want to lose weight or just maintain your current weight. Unlike other monitors, CaloriScan will calculate the amount of calories you burn from all your daily activities. Whether you are running, sitting at your desk or doing the housework, the 3D sensors in CaloriScan detect each of your movements and precisely calculate your calorie consumption 24/7. The monitor is also easy to use; at the touch of a button you can view all your results on a large display. Being compact also means the monitor is convenient to carry around with you, it will easily fit in your trouser pocket or handbag. The CaloriScan is available in three different colours – gold, white and pink.
CaloriScan is the perfect companion to help keep you motivated

and informed of your overall health and fitness during your health programme.

CaloriScan features include:

Monitors all activities 24/7 and provides the total energy burned daily: Whether you are making breakfast, running down the stairs, doing the housework, having a workout, filing documents or simply relaxing – CaloriScan analyses each of your movements and calculates how many calories your body burns – even when you are sleeping.

Accurately calculates how many Auf diese Weise konnen Sie Teile Ihres Budgets fur kurzere gioco roulette gratis Sessions einsetzen. calories you burn: CaloriScan comes with an electronic 3D acceleration sensor that records your physical activity all day. CaloriScan works with the “Active Engine 2″ algorithm, which is able to reliably recognise and differentiate all of the body movements you make.

How CaloriScan calculates the amount of calories you fun daily

Monitors body fat, steps and distance: Knowing the calorie intake from food, CaloriScan will support the controlling of your energy balance, drawing all calories you have burned by physical activity. CaloriScan will also tell you how much body fat you have burned each day. It can monitor the number of steps you take daily and also help you keep tracking the distance you have walked or jogged – so you get a more comprehensive view of your overall health and fitness.

Compact and easy to use: CaloriScan is the world’s most compact activity monitor and due to its ergonomic design, is it very simple to use. At the touch of a button all your measured results, including the body fat you burn, can be easily read on the display. CaloriScan is convenient to carry around with you, it can fit in your trouser pocket or handbag making it very versatile.

7 Day memory capacity: With CaloriScan you do not need to worry about storing your daily measurements, all of your results will be stored automatically for 7 days.

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