Great endurance sport: Nordic Blading

Product Information

Everybody, who is looking for some sportive diversion, should try the new endurance sport Nordic Blading. In contrast to Nordic Walking you just exchange the sneakers for roller blades. Tracking poles provide for the needed drive. That sounds like a lot of fun on wheels and is worth a trial.

Besides the leg muscles the entire upper part of the body is trained with Nordic Blading. Compared to normal inline skating, the heart rate is higher, due to the additional activity of the arms. Therefore the physical endurance can be increased and optimised effectively by Nordic Blading. Cross-country skiers especially use this endurance sport in the snow-free period to keep themselves in shape. With Nordic Blading it is also possible to enhance concentration, sense of balance, mobility and coordination skills. Of course proper protective equipment including helmet and protections for knees, elbows and hands is a must-have.

A fun alternative to running and walking, Nordic Blading is a really effective sport for both body and mind.

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