The correct posture when running

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While observing the different runners in a marathon, it’s quite obvious, that the one and only running style or technique doesn’t exist. Over the years, everybody develops his or her own movements individually. Nevertheless -especially for beginners- we have got a few tips for a proper body posture to avoid awkward neck and back tensions while running:

  1. Let your arms swing loosely diagonal beside the body. In this case upper arm and forearm are approximately perpendicular to each other. The hands are slightly open, not clenched into a fist.
  2. The shoulders are straight and not droop.
  3. The upper body is straight, but not overstretched – so no hollow back, but bended slightly forward! Spine and head form a line.
  4. The gaze is directed straight ahead, not hang your head.
  5. Every runner has to find out for himself, whether forefoot, midfoot or heels run fits the best. More about style and technique can be read in this blog.
  6. For a loose posture during the run, a specific muscle training for the back and arms is recommended.

Beginners in particular should consciously pay attention to their posture during the workout. The right running technique will be automatically developed after a short time.

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