Correct breathing techniques during running

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Beginners are often unsure about how to breathe during running. Forget about looking for the “one and only breathing technique”. Firstly, it is important that you do not force yourselves to a certain breathing rhythm. To reach the full performance capability, avoid stitches in the sides, breathlessness or dizziness, take care of the following:

Get your own rhythm!

Don’t try to follow fix schemes. Breathe intuitively and automatically. The more training you get, the easier you breathe. When we are in need of more oxygen due to high speed, we switch automatically to an intensified breathing. It can happen that due to overly high running speed, we start puffing and panting. Follow your body’s signals and reduce your training intensity if necessary. Especially beginners shold start step by step.

Benefit from your maximum lung volume!

Golden rule: During running breathe out deeply and strongly. In this way

no air remains in the lungs and we can breathe in again normally. Thus the lung volume is fully exhausted and the optimal amount of oxygen is provided for the body, best condition for a high performance level. For optimum results, breathe through the stomach and diaphragm, a technique that can be trained also during the retirement phase. The lung volume cannot be fully exhausted during a shallow chest breathing, which results in a reduced performance capacity. Stitches in the side can be also a negative side effect of a wrong breathing technique. A maximum oxygen supply of the body can be granted by breathing deeply into the belly.

Breathing through mouth or nose?

Beginners will ask it. Well, while training, everything is fine as far as we are able to talk during running. Thus, it is sufficient to breathe through the nose first. When we increase ourrunning intensity, we will automatically change to breathing through the mouth. Using this technique, more oxygen passes into the lungs. Unfortunately, during winter time and cold weather, breathing through the mouth can cause a sore throat and an irritation of the bronchial tubes. Than try to enhance breathing through the nose to heat up the cold air before it reaches the lungs.

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