Cyprus lottery: The first mails arrive

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After our call for participation in the lottery on our blog and in the current RUNNING edition we already received the first great submissions! Many motivated runners want to nail down their ticket to the LimassolMarathon next year. As announced we won’t withhold the best texts and thus publish them here:

Lars: “I have 2 legs. New running shoes. I survived the NYC marathon and now I need a new challenge. The LimassolMarathon would be perfect.”

Maria: “I already ran a marathon in 2009 although I only had about 8 weeks of preparation. In these 8 weeks I tried my best to brace myself up for the distance, but it didn’t help: from 30km on I rather walked than I ran. (…) Since then I improved on shorter distances (up to the half-marathon), yet I don’t dare anymore to run the 42km alone. Please send me on the island; then I have to run! And I know I’ll make it!”

Inge: “Why I’m fit for the island?!

A – Running is my passion (…).

B – I don’t have any goals yet for 2012.

C – Running makes me happy (…).

D – I never give up! I train 12 months a year, even in snow and ice, in the dark , the heat or even in the rain.


Annette: “(…) I already aimed at participating in the LimassolMarathon for two times; I was even registered, the flight was booked, the starting place paid, the hotel room reserved…, a year ago I had to cancel due to a slipped disc and a surgery, this year I had to quit again due to career reasons. Now an “all good things come in three” trial would be optimal, so that I finally, finally can start in 2012. (…)”

Good, or what do you think? You also want to fly to the island? Than convince us that you are the right one to start at the LimassolMarathon. All information about the lottery can be found here on the blog: Click here!

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